Welfare Disputes

Advising on a range of welfare disputes as well as complaints and challenges against social services or health authority decisions.

Disputes can often arise in relation to the health and welfare of a person who cannot make those decisions for themselves. In particular, disputes occur between social services or healthcare professionals and family members or between family members when there is no clear consensus in relation to a specific health and welfare decision.

We also provide advice regarding complaints and challenges against decisions made by social services and health authorities. If a decision is made in relation to you or someone close to you and you believe this to be unreasonable, our experts can advise you of your options.

We will support you every step of the way and aim to reduce the inevitable stress and concern that these circumstances cause. Where at all possible, we seek to resolve disputes before Court intervention is required.

Ashfords holds a Legal Aid contract for this type of work and so can also consider your eligibility for Legal Aid funding depending on your circumstances.


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