Apprenticeships Matter

To end National Apprenticeship Week, we want to shine a light on the positive impact of Apprenticeships at Ashfords and what these opportunities have meant to the people undertaking them.

Beth Stevens - Solicitor Apprentice

I think it is incredibly important for law firms to offer apprenticeships in a variety of different roles and across different departments. Having a strong apprenticeship programme firstly shows employees that the firm is committed to investing in their future careers by supporting them with the necessary training and learning routes. Most importantly, I think the uptake of apprenticeships by more law firms highlights a wider change in the sector – the traditional university route is not the only option anymore.

Having worked at Ashfords for five years, in a variety of different apprenticeship roles, by time I finish my Solicitor Apprenticeship not only will I have a law degree and be a qualified solicitor but I will also have 11 years of experience at the firm – this experience will be invaluable as my career progresses! I hope that The National Apprenticeship Week shows, not only school and college pupils but anyone considering an apprenticeship, regardless of age, that there are lots of options out there and they don’t have to go to university to obtain the career they are interested in or aspiring for.

Shannon Heals - Solicitor Apprentice

As someone who has always been more inclined to learn practically, I think that legal apprenticeships are an incredible opportunity to start a career in law.

Apprenticeships open the door to many, like me, who desire a legal career but who might not have otherwise had the chance to attend or want to go through the traditional university route.

Apprenticeship candidates are able to "earn whilst they learn" and be exposed to incredible opportunities early on in their career, such as attendance at court and regular client interaction.

Studying alongside an apprenticeship, and in my case studying towards a law degree, there is no better place to seek guidance and support than amongst colleagues in the firm. I have been extremely lucky to be surrounded by some very inspiring people who have been able to assist me on my apprenticeship journey. 

I have been provided with so many opportunities to attend social events and network with other legal professionals which I probably would not have otherwise been exposed to so early on in my career. 

I am so grateful for my journey and could not recommend apprenticeships for aspiring lawyers enough! 

Dannielle Phillips - Trainee Legal Executive and former Paralegal Apprentice

I am extremely grateful that I was able to pursue a career in law through the apprenticeship programme. The apprenticeship allowed me to gain an insight into a legal career and environment without the same pressures that I may have experienced post-university.

I think it’s important that firms offer apprenticeship opportunities where they can. It’s a great way for an individual to experience the role while earning and provides a good foundation for progression. Despite being unsure on future plans at the time, I was lucky to be placed within a very supportive team with a passion for the sector. Not only did that allow me to progress within my role, but it also inspired me to consider a future with the firm. Since starting the apprenticeship in 2018, I have built strong working relationships with my colleagues which will be invaluable to me as I continue to progress.

The course was a success for me and I am now being fully supported as I advance onto my legal executive training. This would not have been possible had it not been for the guidance and knowledge I gained during my couple of years as an apprentice.

Ashfords continues to support alternative routes into the legal sector and new opportunities can be found on our dedicated Apprenticeships page.

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