The right start in the commercial property industry

Michael Newey, the RICS 2013-14 President, hosted a reception for the 2013 winners of the Sociable Surveyors global internship scheme at the RICS, Parliament Square, last Wednesday evening.

Sebastian Abigail, who founded Sociable Surveyors with Elliott Sparsis, said, "2013 was the first year Sociable Surveyors has offered a Hybrid Property Internship, and Elliott and I were delighted that law firms such as Ashfords wanted to participate. By involving law firms, developers and property services firms, we have been able to offer participants in the scheme a much more rounded introduction to the industry."

Ashfords' added, "Setting out on a career in the commercial property industry, just like law, is becoming increasingly competitive. As with anything, the right start is so important and we were delighted to take part in the Sociable Surveyors internship scheme. The opportunity of two weeks with us, two with Bouyges Development, and two with Jones Lang LaSalle, will have offered real insights into the world of commercial property."

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