Solar power - a practical handbook

June 2018 witnesses the launch of Solar Power - A Practical Handbook, published by Globe Law.

In recent years, globally, solar power has been on the march. Since the millennium its generation capacity has grown from 1GW to 300GW and the growth curve is not linear; the last five years have seen a marked acceleration as technologies become more efficient, manufacturing prices fall and more countries adopt low carbon regulatory policies, in which solar power can play a key part.

The solar power market’s dynamism is matched by its complexity. As well as advances in technology and
manufacturing processes, and variations in how the technology is deployed, the regulatory and fiscal policies adopted in individual countries can vary widely. However, some common themes have emerged and the potential for further growth in solar power can perhaps be better discerned now than when the market was in its infancy.

Solar Power: A Practical Handbook provides an in-depth analysis of various aspects of solar power. It provides a practical guide to developing, financing, acquiring and disposing of solar power projects.

Whilst being a global technology, each jurisdiction has its own dynamics, so the book considers the market-specific aspects of solar power in a number of key locations including the UK, China, the US and others.

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