Prosthetics - The continued advancement of technology allows for exciting opportunities

There are many important members of the rehabilitation team for any amputee, but one of the most important relationships will be with their Prosthetist. This piece of equipment can have a huge impact on an amputees mobility, independence and overall quality of life.

If you are bringing an injury claim, the funding for the prosthetist may already be taken care of and you may have the benefit of a wide range of  highly technical  and advanced equipment available to you. A good prosthetist will be able to guide you through the ever complex range of equipment to find the equipment that best suits your individual needs.

For below knee amputees, the introduction of BiO to the UK in 2012 was a welcome development. It offers a bionic solution through powered propulsion which can improve power, control and stability. BiOM are building on this success by exploring the potential of improved function for above the knee amputees with a range of microprocessor controlled knees, which was not previously possible.

Other companies such as Endolite and Ottobock are making technological advances all the time to help an amputee achieve their personal goals, to gain independence and maximise their quality of life.

With the 2016 Paralympic Games almost upon us, many companies have been working hard, alongside the athletes, to showcase their products. The bulk of prosthesis are designed for activities of daily living, seeking to restore an amputees independence and mobility.

Whilst it is inspiring to see the likes of Georgie Hermitage and David Weir winning gold at the recent IPC Athletics European Championships for most people it is the ability to perform mundane everyday tasks independently that make such a difference to their quality of life.

Any equipment is only as good as the user and the prosthetist who fits it. As lawyers we can assist in making sure that there is funding in place and that a personal and targeted rehabilitation programme is in place which includes a referral to an excellent prosthetists who can work with you to get the best result.

If you have suffered a traumatic amputation as a result of an accident then we may be able to assist you. Please contact Flora Wood for a confidential conversation about your needs. We can also take over conduct of your case from your current solicitors if you are unhappy with the way your claim is being pursued.

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