Landlord and Tenant and Coronavirus – Will Common Sense Prevail Over Common law?

For landlords and tenants alike the equation is simple - without the ability to trade and operate in a normal way, rent cannot be generated and paid. 

The sectors worst hit now, such as retail and leisure, will soon spread to other sectors such as office occupiers and beyond. 

Surely in these extraordinary times co-operation and rent/service charge holidays are the solution - not litigation and forfeiture. Why would Landlords want to spend money chasing payments that simply can’t be made because of the tenants inability to trade. Likewise why forfeit when all this achieves is the recovery of a property where the prospect of securing a new tenant or doing anything else of value with the property must be remote. 

In essence the law needs to be put to one side for the time being and a sense of co-operation and community put in its place. 

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