End-to-End Encryption

Over the past several years, the Home Office has begun to push for stronger controls regarding end-to-end encryption (‘E2EE) in particular for social media apps such as WhatsApp or Signal. Recently, the debate has begun to intensify, as the scales are weighed between freedoms and safety.

The Home Office is now pushing an initiative entitled #NoPlaceToHide, calling for a delay to the roll-out of E2EE until tech organisations can ensure the safety of their users; the campaign has particular concerns that E2EE helps to hide child abuse by preventing organisations from monitoring communication with children.

The ICO has disagreed. Stephen Bonner, its Executive Director for Innovation and Technology, stated that:

E2EE serves an important role both in safeguarding our privacy and online safety. It strengthens children’s online safety by not allowing criminals and abusers to send them harmful content or access their pictures or location.

It is also crucial for businesses, enabling them to share information securely and fosters consumer confidence in digital services.

Importantly, Mr Bonner’s statement ended “We look forward to being a key participant in this crucial decision”. It appears the battle lines are being drawn between the ICO and the Home Office, as this next stage in the UK’s data and technology sphere develops.

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