Ashfords In-house Legal Bulletin - March 2018

Corporate criminal enforcement: a continuing trend?

The regular reporting of corporate criminality is now a common sight in recent times. Cases such as the Rolls Royce deferred prosecution agreement, which resulted in a penalty of £497.25 million made national news. Likewise, the recent sham football apprentice case, which led to conviction for a £5 million coaching scam hit the headlines.

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Playing by the rules: The Supreme Court gives guidance to those intending to act without legal representation and those acting against them

The small claims limit will be increased in April 2019 and the reforms in the personal injury sector are continuing apace. Many practitioners expect that one effect of these reforms is an increase in Claimants acting as a litigant in person.

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The new Electronic Communications Code - What does this mean for landowners?

Since 1984, the Electronic Communications Code ("the Code") has provided licensed telecoms operators statutory rights to construct, keep and operate equipment on both public and private land.

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