Ashfords Advise South West Grid for Learning on Education Cloud Services

The South West Grid for Learning ("SWGfL") has selected BT to help transform the use of technology in schools by delivering innovative Education Cloud Services via a new framework.

The Education Cloud Service will offer schools a new way to purchase Information and Communications Technology and services tailored to their needs. The initiative matches elasticity of supply with simplified billing and predictable budgeting across a range of services to avoid advance capital payments. Additionally cloud-based web filtering, which incorporates safety guidance from the SWGfL, will help to ensure all learners using the service are kept safe online, both in and out of the school environment.

Ben Hogan supported the procurement of the services with assistance from a range of subject matter experts from different disciplines across the firm.

Ben Hogan commented: "The Education Cloud Services project is a great example of how technology can be used to provide flexible and efficient services for customers; in this case to schools and their pupils. It also demonstrates that, with a bit of innovation, solutions can be found to resolve intractable problems."

Paul Hancock, Commercial Manager at SWGfL, said: "The benefits available to schools through the use of cloud ICT services are becoming apparent, but the ways in which schools can realise them, and translate them into real improvements in educational outcomes, aren't so clear. SWGfL is delighted to be partnering with BT to change that - we're here to find ways for ICT to advance education, and these new services will help us achieve that objective."

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