Are you cycling safely at night?

With the clocks having gone back and the nights are drawing in, as a cyclist you are even more vulnerable, especially in busy rush hour traffic. Are you cycling safely?

The golden rule is: be seen by drivers and pedestrians.   

Some tips:

  • Be bright : always ensure that you are wearing or carrying something light-coloured, bright or fluorescent in poor daylight conditions.
  • Reflect : When it is dark, use reflective materials such as armbands, sashes, waistcoats, jackets and footwear, which can be seen by drivers using headlights up to three times as far away as non-reflective materials.
  • Light up: Always make sure that you have working clean lights on your bicycle at the front and rear and that these are switched on between sunset and sunrise. You must also have reflectors on  your bike. The requirement for both lights and reflectors is not only a legal one, but an essential one to saving your life or that of another. 
  • Touch base : If you are waiting at traffic lights, make contact with the driver behind you so they know you are there.
  • Stay in the open : Ride in the middle of the lane where there are parked cars and do not ride closer than 60cm to the kerb.

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