Heartening infographic on UK solar capacity

  • 2 mins read

Green Match has published a helpful infographic which tracks the roll-out of renewables capacity over recent years, sets out the current state of the UK renewable energy mix, and provides a comparison of the current position between a number of EU states, including the UK. 

The picture that emerges is that Germany, Italy and the UK currently have the largest solar capacities in Europe. 

However, the detail shows that of these three countries, only Italy has reached its 2020 EU target for renewable energy, and that the UK is some way from achieving that target - perhaps explaining why the focus in this country has shifted to the 2050 net zero target. 

The overall picture is that much has been achieved, there is still some way to go in terms of de-carbonising the UK energy mix. However, taking a broader view, we must acknowledge the scope of the challenge involved in integrating that supply into a robust and reliable energy system. 

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