Getting involved in Events

One of the advantages of being a trainee at Ashfords is that you are spoiled for choice when it comes to the range of events and activities available. Not only are these events available for trainees to attend - it is highly encouraged you get involved from day one of your training contract.

Every year Ashfords holds the Trainee Challenge where the trainees team up to raise money for the Charity of the Year. This year the trainees organised carol singing, a silent auction, Christmas tree selling, Friday drinks trollies and a sponsored bike ride from Exeter to Bristol; to name just a few of the initiatives. It was a great way to get to know our new colleagues within and across the offices.

Last October the firm hosted a black tie charity ball at Exeter's Royal Albert Museum where trainees volunteered to help out with the running of the event on the night, and again got to know more people across the firm at all levels. A highlight of the night was Ashfords auctioning off honey from its own bees, which take residence outside the Exeter office. The little jars of honey ended up selling for hundreds of pounds for charity (a sweet success!).

Ashfords was also host to the finals of the National Client Interviewing Competition. Law Students from around the country came to Exeter to compete against each other in mock client interviews. Volunteers from Ashfords pretended to be clients in the mock interviews and the law students faced some interesting challenges to see who would come out as the winners and go on to the international competition. The day was a lot of fun and gave a great opportunity to meet aspiring lawyers as well as other members of the firm.

The Somerset and Devon Junior Lawyers Division held a Summer Ball in Exeter. Lots of junior lawyers from the area came together for a three course meal and some drinks. This was a great way for junior lawyers in the area to let their hair down and make new connections with fellow junior lawyers. Also Ashfords held a 'Battle of the Bands' in London for the first time last year.  We invited clients to compete against Ashfords' legendary cover band, The Outlaws, in a late night rock show; which was a massive hit.

And that's just to name a few! Ashfords have held so many events in the past year and have a countless number coming up. There are even multiple sports teams you could join like our cricket team which play clients throughout the summer months.

Each of these events are an amazing way to get involved as a trainee and are highly recommended. Whether you are helping with the running of an event or you are attending it just for fun - they are guaranteed to expand your networks and make a great impression during your training contract.

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