Forecasted increase in demand for construction workers

  • 1 min read

Great to see some positive news with forecasts being increased and seeing a positive bounce-back post Covid-19. However, in a post-Brexit world too, investment will be needed to ensure the continued training and recruitment of skilled labourers. Careful planning will also be needed for future projects to ensure demand is in line with resources.

Whilst it can be tempting to take on many projects, if a project cannot be appropriately resourced this can have potentially significant impacts. A failure to properly resource a project in terms of both materials and labour is a failure to proceed regularly and diligently with the works. In many contracts, such as the JCT suite of contracts, a failure to proceed regularly and diligently is a Contractor Default and can lead to termination if not rectified with potentially significant damages then being sought by employers. Careful planning and resource management is always key but even more so where demand may start exceeding resource. 


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