Corporate Social Responsibility – A Trainee's Perspective

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Contrary to popular belief, law isn't everything, so it's useful to get a rounded perspective by participating in the various Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) activities that Ashfords offers.

As a Trainee there's a great opportunity throughout your seat rotations to use the flexibility available to you and volunteer your time to help with some of the amazing CSR initiatives that Ashfords offers.

The majority of Ashfords' fundraising contributes towards the Ashfords Foundation, which is a grant making charity established by the firm that looks to support smaller charities and community organisations. By establishing the Foundation, Ashfords have established CSR as something that is integral to its working atmosphere.

So, throughout the year, there are multiple initiatives to which trainees can help with to raise money for the Foundation. For example, trainee's have recently been rustling up sweet treats on pancake day and have organised world cup sweepstakes to help generate donations throughout the calendar year.

And in addition to this fundraising, the firm encourages individuals to volunteer their time helping projects in the local community. Trainees, and other members of the firm, have spent their time helping deliver food to members of the Bristol Community with FareShare, and have repeatedly been involved with the Bristol North West Foodbank. Recently, the Firm have developed a relationship with the Bristol Sport Community Foundation, and are soon to offer their time with their 'Reading Stars' programme, providing one-on-one support for those children who need to boost their literacy confidence and competence.

Further, all the offices host various events to raise money for the Foundation and other charities, and trainees will typically have a presence in helping organise these. One example is the Bristol Office's Charity Quiz, where Ashfords host a (competitive) quiz and raffle for members of the Bristol Community. It's a great way to get involved in CSR, develop recognition in the firm and have a bit of fun.

It's important to use your time wisely as a trainee, and whilst developing good practice and an understanding of the law is useful, it will only go some way to your development as a trainee. Spending time outside of the office and volunteer your efforts to CSR is a fantastic way to give back to the local community and also develop extra skills that you wouldn't otherwise have practised.

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