Privacy enhancing technologies – how can they help you share personal information?


If you’re considering sharing personal information, privacy enhancing technologies (PETs) should be a priority. PETs are technologies that contain fundamental data protection principles by minimising personal information use - maximising information security, or empowering people. 

PETs are different forms of software and hardware that have specific processes, to achieve particular privacy functions. They also cover the legal definition of personal data in UK GDPR.

Using PETs can help you to analyse personal data, without compromising the privacy of who the information belongs to. Suitable PETs can make it possible to give access to data, which in other cases would be too sensitive to share.

Information Commissioner’s Office’s guide to sharing personal data

The Information Commissioner’s Office (ICO) has recommended that organisations use PETs to share personal information.

The guidance released in June, contains information on how PETs can be used to help organisations with data protection compliance. The article also includes technical detail on the different types of PETs that are currently available.

The first part of this useful guide is aimed at data protection officers. The second part focuses on the technical elements of PETs and the application of different types.

Take a look at the official guidance from the ICO here.

If you’re considering using PET or need help staying compliant with data protection rules contact our Privacy & Data team for further information.

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