Points to consider when making an application under the Woodland Carbon Guarantee


The owner of the land upon which the trees are to be planted must sign the application to the scheme. If land is owned by joint owners or multiple owners such as trustees of a trust one person will need to be chosen be the lead applicant with written consent from the remaining co-owners or trustees being provided in support of the application. Tenant farmers will require Landlords’ written consent which must be included as part of  the application.

Any trees planted on the farm will be owned by the landlord therefore it would be prudent not only to seek your Landlord’s consent to the scheme but also a variation of tenancy agreement to ensure that the landlord continues to comply with the scheme after the end of the tenancy.

If you are successful with your auction bid the contract will refer to the application and it is crucial that the contents of the application are correct at the date of the contract and that all necessary consents have been obtained. 

View the Woodland Carbon Guarantee guidance.

For more information on the above please contact Susie Murray.

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