Career Development

Delivering an outstanding service means committing to always grow and be the best we can be. As a firm, we provide a variety of development opportunities to support and enable our colleagues to excel. We attract highly experienced industry professionals with a wealth of knowledge, skills and expertise and development is at the heart of ensuring we meet client expectations.

Our focus is on enabling individuals and teams to excel by fostering a culture of learning, embedded in the flow of work. Personal and professional development enables us to tackle the work we have today and prepares us for tomorrow. We encourage our people to seek out education, experience, exposure and different learning environments alongside formal learning pathways.

Our values are action driven with an expectation that our people will ask questions and draw on a diverse range of perspectives to drive improvements and positive outcomes.  We set ambitious goals with everyone expected to make time for learning, to commit to continuous improvement to support their own professional growth as well as the growth and success of colleagues, the firm, our clients and the wider community.

Progression at your pace

Progression at your pace is more than just a tag line. We’ll support your career progression and development plan however that looks for you; and we’ll support you to find an approach that will best work for your personal and business goals.  

Here are some formal and informal ways to access learning:


  • Social learning and peer support through colleagues, internal networks and connections
  • Peer support through external networks, communities of learning, and counterparts
  • Digital learning through research, webinars, or knowledge shared within networks
  • Personal development plans and coaching/mentoring with line managers
  • Reflective practice


  • A full induction programme
  • Health and safety and other mandatory modules
  • Technical and non-technical qualifications
  • In-house leadership and management development
  • Career level support, briefings and development modules to support career progression
  • Business development training and workshops
  • Development days for those who have been newly promoted
  • Apprenticeship schemes and alternative routes into law

We believe that people are energised and motivated by doing great work that makes a difference. We actively support and encourage a culture that enables self-directed learning alongside teamwork. Our aim is to create the conditions for you to thrive in a supportive and open environment.