Cathryn Butler



Cathryn is a Solicitor in the Restructuring and Insolvency Team.

Cathryn specialises in restructuring and insolvency.

Prior to studying law, Cathryn completed a music degree. Cathryn completed her training contract with a regional firm in the Thames Valley.

Relevant experience

  • Private client: Advising the Trustee in Bankruptcy and investigating the bankrupt in relation to a claim for an interest in the matrimonial home following a transaction at undervalue.
  • Power plant supplier: Advising the company on addressing a statutory demand and prevent insolvency proceedings being commenced against the company.
  • Retiring office holder: Assisted with the block transfer of appointments for a retiring office holder to his replacement in an application under the Insolvency Rules 2016.
  • Private client: Advising the Trustee in Bankruptcy on the merits of an annulment application brought against the Trustee by a creditor. Applying for security for costs on behalf of the Trustee in Bankruptcy.
  • Private client: Advising a discharged bankrupt on making an application to annul his bankruptcy on the basis that all the debts and expenses of the bankruptcy have been paid in full.