XYBC takes to the high seas for the End-of-Summer Party

Why have a party on land when you can have it on water – right? Despite the conflicting micro-climates between Exeter and Exmouth – whereby there can be torrential rain in Exeter and sunny clear skies in Exmouth, brave XYBC members climbed aboard The Pride of Exmouth for a voyage along the south Devon coast, terrorising, looting and pillaging local settlements (or perhaps that was from the plot of Pirates of Penzance?). Between committing acts of piracy, XYBC members enjoyed a glass of prosecco whilst watching the sunset, a barbecue and sea life themed cupcakes, before engaging in a classic pirate tournament of flip cup. As always with our XYBC events, it was another great opportunity to meet and get to know other young professionals in the local area.

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