Freight in the city - have you considered retiming your deliveries?

Ashfords LLP have been working with Transport for London and numerous other businesses to look at the retiming of deliveries.

By retiming deliveries it can help to:

  • reduce congestion
  • improve air quality
  • improve safety (cyclists and pedestrians etc.)
  • provide businesses with the opportunity to reduce operating costs and streamline routing and scheduling
  • reduce the number of vehicles on the road during the peak times which can create a better trading environment for a shops staff and customers. Products in store before opening mean staff are not stacking shelves after opening.

The retiming programme includes the following:

  • trials with a few retailers
  • a consortium and working groups leading the way and reviewing retimed deliveries (Including Sainsbury's, Tesco's, Ashfords etc.)
  • matchmaking - TfL have a matchmaking programme, putting businesses and boroughs together to explore retiming opportunities
  • tools and guidance including changing a planning condition, getting the timing right, noise assessments, quiet deliveries toolkit and quiet technology research
  • quiet technology and noise – TfL are doing some research and creating guidance to look at the availability of quiet delivery equipment


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