Brexit Bulletin - 30 June 2016

This article was published prior to the publication of the post-Brexit agreement between the UK and EU which covers the relationship between the UK and EU following the end of the implementation period (commonly referred to as the “transition period”) created by the European Union (Withdrawal Agreement) Act 2020, and should be read in that context. For up-to-date commentary and information on our services, please see our Beyond Brexit page.

Possible consequences of the vote to leave

The British people voted to leave the European Union on 23 June 2016. While the result of the referendum is clear, its consequences are uncertain. This article outlines some possible outcomes of the vote to leave.

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What next for employment law in the wake of Brexit?

There are few areas of law so influenced by the European Union than that of employment law. From regulations over working time, to discrimination and family friendly rights, to the rights of employees on the transfer of a business, it would be fair to say that the EU has been the leading source of legislation on workers' rights in the UK in recent times.

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Brexit - Marine Sector

Following last Thursday's momentous decision by the UK to exit the European Union, many commentators across several sectors have been trying to summarise its potential consequences for the economy and the country as a whole. For Eric McLeod, director of Ashfords' client Viviers UK, however, his immediate feelings can be summed up in a single word: "ecstatic."

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Brexit and UK Real Estate - with uncertainty hopefully comes opportunity

An immediate slowdown in housing market transactions is predicted (by Mark Elliott of JLL) potentially in the order of 10% - 15% resulting in a downward pressure on prices in the short term.

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