Brexit Bulletin - 12 May 2016

This article was published prior to the publication of the post-Brexit agreement between the UK and EU which covers the relationship between the UK and EU following the end of the implementation period (commonly referred to as the “transition period”) created by the European Union (Withdrawal Agreement) Act 2020, and should be read in that context. For up-to-date commentary and information on our services, please see our Beyond Brexit page.

The Tax Implications

The tax implications of a UK exit from the EU would be hinged upon what other agreements the UK is able to hammer out post exit. The UK's membership of other international organisations, such as the OECD, and its many other bilateral tax treaties would continue to limit its ability to set a completely individualistic tax policy.

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What does Brexit mean for UK Employment Law?

Initially there is unlikely to be any immediate change. Although a common complaint of employers is the perception that European-led legal red tape in the hiring and firing of staff has hindered business growth, the reality is that there are significant aspects of our employment legislation that are domestic.

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Marine and Coastal Development - Changing Tides?

The referendum on 23 June to decide whether the UK stays in or leaves the EU is generating significant debate. This article looks briefly at some of the possible implications of Brexit for marine and coastal development.

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