BIM Level 2 Mandate now in effect

After half a decade of Government support for Building Information Modelling, one of the key milestones in the adoption of BIM has finally been reached.

From 4 April 2016 all centrally procured public sector construction contracts are required to incorporate Building Information Modelling ("BIM") to Level 2 standard, regardless of value, size or complexity. The Level 2 standard is based around multiple separate models of sections of a construction project (for example, the steel framework) that can individually be merged into a main model of the project. Each separate model takes the form of a CAD model that contains its own relevant information embedded in the data it imports relating to the relevant item of work. The information that is embedded provides the real benefit, above and beyond simple clash detection, and allows the project to be more effectively managed through its various stages. For example, it brings the digital copy of the project to life through the inclusion of specifications and cost plans for the works elements present.

If the adoption of BIM is something you would like to know more about, there are a variety of useful online resources to assist.

One of the most helpful sources of knowledge is BIM Talk, which encompasses a variety of case studies, documents and glossary terms all in one place. Click here to view the website.

The BSI have also launched a purpose built BIM website to be the single source for the standards and guidance documents connected to level 2 BIM, click here to read more.

For more information on BIM and its legal implications, as well as its practical application, please contact Stephen Homer.

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