Ashfords Pay Gap Report Update

In February 2018 we issued our Gender Pay report in accordance with The Equality Act 2010 (Gender Pay Gap Information) Regulations 2017.  

As already stated, whilst we are not out of kilter with our industry average, we do not want to ignore the differentials and we have already identified a number of steps to improve our focus and approach.
One issue that is being flagged (which is probably more specific to the professional services sector) is that the legislation does not include partners in the data as they are not “employees”. Having considered this, we believe that the exclusion of partners distorts the figures and that in order to address the differentials, it is important that we are fully transparent. As such we have taken the decision to release an addendum that shows the impact of including our partnership in the figures.

We have looked at the data in two ways:

  • the impact if we include partners with the employee data;
  • the position when you look at the partners on their own.

Ashfords Pay Gap Report 2017 with Addendum 

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