Ashfords LLP hosts German Networking Event with Dr Julian Hoerner, LSE Fellow in EU Politics

On Tuesday 5 July, Dr Julian Hoerner gave a presentation about Brexit, discussing the causes and consequences of the EU referendum as well as sketching out possible future scenarios for the UK and the European Union. This event was hosted by Ashfords' Corporate Team, at the firm's London office in connection with Antje Kunert of the Greater London German Network, who organised the event.

Dr Julian Hoerner started the debate by showing the disparities of votes within the geography of the UK. The concentration of remain votes being in London and other cosmopolitan cities such as Exeter, Bristol and Manchester, and the concentration of leave votes were from rural areas such as the Midlands and East Anglia. Dr Julian Hoerner discussed the outcome of the country being deeply divided through inequality, with the most important issue being the effect on globalisation.

Many of the guests raised questions about what would happen next for the UK. Dr Julian Hoerner responded to these questions with many interesting points about the strengths and weaknesses of future scenarios and economic models of other countries that the UK could follow, such as Norway and Iceland who are part of the European Economic Area, or giving the option for the UK to follow the economic model of Switzerland, who forms bilateral trade agreements.

Overall the event was very interesting and a huge success. We would like to thank Dr Julian Hoerner for his presentation and we look forward to hosting more events in connection with the Greater London German Network in the future.  


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