Ashfords Brexit Debate Opinion Poll

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On Wednesday 18 May Ashfords LLP held a debate on the EU Referendum with a panel of guest speakers discussing the key issues surrounding the referendum.

Attendees completed an anonymous poll on what they were going to vote before the event, and what they were going to vote after the event.

We are delighted to be able to share the results of the poll with you:

Vote before the debate 

  • Leave 26%
  • Stay 56%
  • Not sure 18%

Vote after the debate 

  • Leave 39%
  • Stay 46%
  • Not sure 15%

The debate closed the gap between stay and leave and changed the minds of 27 guests. (30%)

Broadcaster and journalist, Steph McGovern chaired the panel of guest speakers - Ann Widdecombe (Exit), Ian Coggins (Exit), Vicky Pryce (Remain) and Anthony Smallwood (Remain). 

To view the Brexit webpage please click here.

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