The meat you eat in the future might come from a meat brewery

  • 4 mins read

An interesting TED talk on the next global agricultural revolution by Bruce Friedrich. The commercial meat industry today contributes heavily to global warming and ecological problems.

Based on current figures, meat production will need to increase by 70% to 100% to meet demand by 2050 - which means that its impact on the environment will only worsen.

Despite an increase in people adopting a plant-based diet, it is proving difficult to wean people off animal protein, which means we need a global solution to meat production. In the talk, Bruce introduces two possible solutions: plant-based meat (growing plants which bio-mimic meat) and cell-based meat (essentially meat grown in a laboratory).

Although several companies have already started producing plant-based (Impossible Burger IPO'd earlier this year and Nestle and others are looking to enter the market) and cell-based meat (although cell-based meat is yet to be commercialised), we are still some way off before these technologies become the meat industry. However, a recent report from Barclay’s predicts that plant-based and cell-based meat will be worth $140 billion within a decade, and make-up 10% of the global meat market.

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