The convergence of blockchain, AI and IoT

  • 3 mins read

The internet and how we interact with it is changing dramatically. Advances in technology now mean that connected devices interact, and make decisions autonomously. Connected devices are now having as much of an impact on the changing nature of the internet, as the internet has on the design of connected devices themselves.

This can already be seen in the agricultural, automotive and manufacturing industries, as well the infrastructure sector and the development of smart cities. Historically, the adoption of IoT has been hindered by bandwidth capacity, transmission lag, security vulnerabilities and the ability of IT networks to process the influx of data produced by connected devices.  Applying Blockchain technologies to IoT as a number of advantages - security breaches can be limited, bandwidth requirements can be reduced at the same time as automating certain transactions.  On the data side, AI can be used to sift the vast amounts of data transmitted and by connected devices, as well as inform (and automate) decision making. Using AI will make IoT/Blockchain infrastructure smarter and more efficient.

It is still early days, but the developments in AI and Blockchain may finally unlock the exciting potential of IoT.

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