New consultation on substantial increases to Harbour Order Fees

  • 3 mins read

On the 16 July 2019 the Department for Transport and Marine Management Organisation launched their consultation on increases to Harbour Order application fees (Harbour Revision Orders and Harbour Empowerment Orders).

Application fees for Harbour Orders have not been increased for 25 years. As such the proposed increases are substantial (the new proposed application fees are more than triple the current fees).

The consultation is open until the 10 September 2019.  It is very important that all statutory harbour authorities consider the consultation documentation and respond (either individually, through relevant national organisations (such as the UKHMA and the BPA), or regional groups or all three).

Additionally those ports and harbours considering making an HRO application in the near future may wish to submit the application in the next 8 weeks, before any fee increases that may be implemented after the close of the consultation period take effect. The current planned implementation date for any increases is the 1 October 2019.


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