Air Pollutant Emissions - Domestic Vessels: Coastal and Inland Waterways – A Call for Evidence

  • 3 mins read

The Department for Transport has launched a Call for Evidence in connection with air pollutant emissions from domestic vessels operating in coastal waters and inland waterways.

It is primarily focused on those vessels not currently subject to international environmental standards for air pollutant emissions (whether established by the EU or the United Nations through 5 the International Maritime Organization –the “IMO”) but also welcomes information on vessels operated domestically that were built to EU or IMO rule sets.

The aim of the Call for Evidence, as set out in the Clean Air Strategy, is: “…to collect a body of evidence that will allow us to understand more clearly the extent of emissions from vessels which do not currently fall within the remit of environmental regulations, which are currently mainly based on UK implementation of international conventions.”

Responses are invited from everyone but particularly:

  • vessel owners
  • vessel operators
  • ports, marinas
  • interested bodies

The deadline for responses is 11 January 2020.


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