A day in the life of a Trainee in the London office

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8:50 - I arrive in the office, log on to my computer and head to the kitchen to make myself a coffee while my computer fires up. Once back at my desk I review my inbox and flag a few emails requiring action that have come in overnight. While creating my daily to-do list I greet those I sit next to; two Partners, a Paralegal and a Secretary.

9:30 - Having made my to-do list and spoken to my supervising Partner about any files requiring urgent action, I head to the weekly fee earners meeting.

In the London office weekly meetings are held in which 'gossip', statistics, marketing and management messages are discussed. These meetings provide a great platform to get an insight on the type of work being carried out by the other departments.

10:00 - I head back to my desk and start on my to-do list, the first item on the list being a phone call to the Land Registry to investigate an unavailable title.

Last week, in the process of attempting to arrange search indemnity insurance, I became aware that a map search indicated that a further interest existed over the property in question. To gather further information about the interest found and to investigate whether this new found interest affected my client's insurance premium I tried to obtain official copy entries from the Land Registry portal. However, the portal showed that no such title existed; therefore I contacted the Land Registry helpline who said that they would investigate the issue further.

I telephone the Land Registry to chase the progress of their investigation into this matter. I am told that the Land Registry is currently recalling files from storage which may take a further 2 days. I make a detailed note of the phone call, diarise to chase again in 2 days, and inform my supervising partner.

11:30 - A reminder pops up informing me that I am due to attend a Charity Committee meeting.  Since becoming a Trainee I have become heavily involved in the Charity Committee and its efforts to raise £100,000 in aid of Ashfords' charity of the year, Alzheimer's Society.

I make my way to the boardroom where the meeting is held and review the agenda once again. The meeting commences with a discussion about events that have taken place so far and the progress that has been made. The discussion then moves on to ideas for upcoming events.

My fellow Trainee, Manasi, and I volunteer to head up an event to be held in January / February. Together we take away action points and agree to pencil in a meeting for a catch-up next week.

The meeting ends with a reminder that a cross-office charity meeting will be taking place tomorrow and if any further points come to mind they can be raised then or with the charity committee head.

12:30 - While attending the Charity Committee meeting, a few requested deeds packets have arrived on my desk from storage. I review the contents of the deeds packet and find the deed that is required in order for me to respond to a client query that came in at the beginning of the week.

Once I respond to the query I note that an email has just been sent by the Trainees and Paralegals within the London office regarding a trip down Leather Lane for lunch. I respond and grab my jacket to head to lunch.

14:00 - Back at my desk I begin working on CPSEs for an assignment of lease relating to a London property currently being used as offices.

Once I have finished drafting the CPSEs I forward them to my supervising Partner for review before sending out to the assignee's Solicitor.

16:00  - An Associate from our Commercial Litigation Team arrives at my desk and checks to see if I have capacity to help him with a file that I was working on in my previous seat. I check with my current supervisor before agreeing to help.

The Associate then briefs me on what has happened on the file since I last worked on it and what is now required. I ask a few follow up questions to ensure I have the complete picture before reviewing the file and commencing work.

17:30 - I review my time recording for the day and make a quick list of things that need to be actioned first thing tomorrow morning.

Before logging off I check my emails once more to ensure that nothing urgent has come through. I then pack up and head to the Cavalry and Guards Club for a property networking event.

18:00 - I arrive at the Cavalry and Guards Club where I assist the Business Development Team with setting up the venue before grabbing a drink and mingling with clients.

21:00 - After a few hours of networking, swapping business cards and interesting conversations I decide it's time to make my way home. 

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