Divorce and Separation after Christmas

Christmas is fast approaching, and for many, the festive period and New Year signals a fresh start.  Resolutions are made (and quickly broken), promises given and 2019 is hoped to be the best year yet.

Festivities and resolutions aside though - January is traditionally the time when  most divorce petitions are sent into the courts.  Divorce lawyers refer to the first few days in January after the Christmas break as 'D' day because it’s when the most new enquiries are received and new divorce proceedings are commenced.  Perhaps it’s the additional pressures of spending time together over Christmas, or new Year resolutions for an unhappy couple that are the final straw in a difficult relationship.

As we approach, what for many, will be a difficult time, as a lawyer specialising in this area, I'd like to offer a few points of advice;

  • Please try not to argue in front of your children. It sounds like a simple point but unfortunately it is one ignored by many.  There is nothing to be gained by using your children as 'weapons' against your spouse - only additional upset.
  • Try to keep communicating with each other. Hard as it may be, in the longer term you are far more likely to be able to agree over the various issues of your case if you can at least have a civil conversation with one another.
  • Do seek the advice of a good divorce lawyer. There are a variety of different ways to try to resolve your issues and advice early on will help you stay on the right path.

Zoe Porter, is a Partner and Head of the Family Team at Ashfords LLP. She advises on divorce and financial matters arising from a relationship breakdown; typically assisting high net worth clients with businesses, pensions, inherited wealth and complicated financial arrangements.

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