RSA Food Farming & Countryside Commission: "UK Farming must be sustainable by 2030"

read time: 3 mins

With some commentators saying that there are only 90-100 more harvests left in our soil, the RSA Food Farming & Countryside Commission has recommended that "radical" and "practical" approaches within the Agriculture sector are adopted.

The 2030 target joins the 2050 net-zero carbon target as a hard-hitting, target expressed in uncompromising terms. As ever, identifying a target is certainly an important step in the process of achieving a goal.

The most important steps are to follow:

  1. identify what can be done; and
  2. implement the objectives, both in sufficient time to enable the target to be reached.

Other policy aims (such as providing sufficient quantities of affordable food) often compete with environmental objectives. Finding a path through the various policy objectives to produce an overall coherent and implementable policy may prove to be a challenge. 

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