Harvesting energy on a Micro Scale

read time: 2 min

As the internet of things develops, there will be a growing demand for technology to power sensors and other infrastructure. Some sensors will be hard-wired into the mains. But what about where the application is off-grid, and difficult to access to boot?

The default answer - batteries - may be appealing but may not be a scale-able solution - at least one estimate estates that for 1tn wireless sensor nodes with each using a small lithium coin cell, a staggering 109,000t of lithium would be required. That's three times the annual worldwide production, not to mention the ecological impact of the lithium mining and refining. One solution? Using technology for harvesting micro-quantities of electricity which can be used to power the sensors. And the best part of this? It is technology that ca be used to safeguard the assets which are used to generate renewable electricity on an grid-scale.

An example of how modest electrical production can have a potentially huge impact on the generation of green electricity.

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