The New Procurement Standard Selection Questionnaire

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From 1 June 2023 all contracting authorities must use the Government’s new Standard Selection Questionnaire when undertaking above threshold procurements under the Public Contract Regulations 2015. Details of the thresholds can be found here.

The guidance note PNN 03/23, replaces PNN 08/16 and the European Single Procurement Document. PNN 03/23 sets out requirements and guidance for using the new Standard Selection Questionnaire. Contracting authorities should familiarise themselves with the requirements of the new Standard Selection Questionnaire, together with the accompanying guidance PNN 03/23, and update any e-procurement portals as soon as possible: PPN 03/23: Standard Selection Questionnaire (SQ) - GOV.UK (

Main changes under the new Standard Selection Questionnaire

The new Standard Selection Questionnaire was designed following feedback on the previous Standard Selection Questionnaire and PPN 08/16 guidance. Changes under the new Standard Selection Questionnaire and PNN 03/23 guidance include:

  • guidance on “relying on another organisation” to meet the selection criteria, permitted changes to the wording of questions and seeking information from groups of suppliers, although this reflects existing standard procurement practices across the market;
  • amendments to financial questions and checks; 
  • health and safety, supply chain, data protection, carbon emissions and updated payment questions;  
  • additional requirements for modern slavery, and guidance on handling responses to questions on the Modern Slavery Act; and 
  • framing the part 2 (exclusion) questions as self-declarations rather than simple yes/no answers.

The new Standard Selection Questionnaire does not include evaluation criteria and therefore contracting authorities will still need to create their own evaluation criteria. Evaluation criteria must be proportionate and relevant to the subject matter of the contract.

Contracting authorities can now use the Common Assessment Standard (CAS), or continue to use PAS91, for works and mixed contracts, rather than the new Standard Selection Questionnaire template. Contracting authorities will need to ensure the questions for works and mixed contracts are relevant and proportionate.

For more information on the new Standard Selection Questionnaire, or assistance with any queries in relation to Public Procurement regime, please do get in touch with our Public Sector Team.

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