Can you send us a template employment contract and employee/staff handbook?

We get asked this question all the time.  There are various options available online if you simply want  a service for printing off free basic statutory terms and conditions and policies and procedures.  Whilst these may ensure basic legal compliance with Section 1 of the Employment Rights Act, they will not be tailored and relevant to your business and/or the particular employee.

It is important that you understand the key terms that are to be agreed with staff and the areas of risk so that these can be adequately covered, for example:

  • Will a staff member be actively involved in designing Intellectual Property?  If so, their contract needs to have tailored and comprehensive provisions regarding the protection of that IP.
  • Will a staff member be actively involved in building up the customer base and looking after clients?  If so, their contract needs to have appropriate restrictions to control their activities should they leave the company in the future.

It is often the case that small companies ‘get by’ on the good will of staff when everything is going smoothly and when the number of employees is relatively small, but this can quickly change as staff numbers increase and/or relationship dynamics change and so it is important to have appropriate safeguards in place before disputes arise.  Once the dispute arises it is too late to change the contract terms.