How do I apply?

The process

The first step is to complete our online Training Contract application form for either the Summer Scheme or Assessment Centre only. The application form provides us with basic information about your qualifications and work experience. You will also be asked some questions to test whether you have the skills we need. All of this information will help us decide if you are the ideal candidate for us.

Shortlisted candidates will then be asked to complete an online assessment. Successful applicants will be invited to a Summer Scheme or Assessment Centre.

Throughout this process, we are looking for you to demonstrate a number of key skills, including excellent commercial awareness, an adaptable and flexible attitude, good communication skills, creative thinking and the ability to plan and organise.

Summer Scheme

We are looking for exceptional candidates who will be an asset to our firm, but equally we recognise that we need to impress you. The best way to see if we're right for you is to attend our Summer Scheme, which is designed to give you an honest insight into working at Ashfords. You'll spend a week at our Exeter office working in two departments, getting to grips with some challenging yet rewarding Trainee work. You'll also spend time with our current Trainees getting first-hand knowledge of what it's like to be a part of the Trainee programme. The Assessment Centre will take place on the final day of the Summer Scheme. 


Applications for 2021 Training Contracts will open on 1 November. 

Key Dates for 2021 Training Contracts

  • 1 November 2018 – application forms available on our website
  • 30 April 2019 – deadline for all applications 
  • June 2019 – Summer Schemes (including Assessment Centres) 
    • 3 - 7 June (Exeter)
    • 10 - 14 June (Exeter)
    • 17 - 21 June (Bristol)

This year we will be at the following Law Fairs, please feel free to come along to discuss Ashfords' Training Contracts with us:

  • Cardiff University - 30 October 2018​
  • University of Bristol - 4 October 2018
  • University of Exeter - 13 November 2018
  • UoL Bristol - 14 November 2018

Contact Us

If you have any queries please contact our Trainee Recruitment team on 01392 333634 or, via email at

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