The SQE - our approach

The Solicitors Qualifying Exams (SQE)

We understand that beginning your legal career in the new SQE era comes with its unknowns, so we have worked hard to ensure that our approach to the SQE and your training with the firm will set you up for success through:

  • Consistency
  • Structure
  • Standard setting

Your two years with us will now be known as Qualifying Work Experience rather than a Period of Recognised Training but we will be maintaining a structure of four six-month seats. We are confident that this is still the most effective way for you to experience life at a full-service law firm and to gain that all important breadth of knowledge.

SQE Pathways

We have embraced the transition to the SQE as an opportunity to capitalise on inclusivity and access into a career in law. With this in mind, you will have a choice of two different pathways before you join the firm for your two year training contract, depending on your undergraduate degree.

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Our approach to the SQE