Legal Apprenticeships

Legal apprenticeships at Ashfords provide a great opportunity for you to gain early hands on experience and develop your professional skills in a legal environment, without incurring the cost of going to university.

We understand that committing to a long-term career straight from school or college can be daunting. This is why we offer a staged approach to our legal apprenticeships.

As a first step, you will have the opportunity to undertake the two year Paralegal Apprenticeship. 
If you decide, once you’ve spent some time with us, that you’re passionate about pursuing a career in law, we offer the option to move on to the Solicitor Apprenticeship, during which will complete a Law degree and work towards becoming a fully qualified Solicitor.

The best thing about this approach? Our apprenticeship provider, BPP University, have added advanced content to the Paralegal Apprenticeship, which means if you decide to take that next step and complete the Solicitor Apprenticeship, you can hop onto the programme at year three of the course!

This means that you won’t lose any time by completing the Paralegal stage first, and it gives you that all important window to explore whether a legal career is right for you.

Legal Apprenticeships – Key Facts

Level 4 Paralegal Apprenticeship

Content & Skills: Client care, introduction to law and practice, legal research, sector specific module persuasion and communication, planning and organisation, accuracy, project management, adaptability, professionalism, client service

Future trajectory: Completing this apprenticeship will enable you to work in a full time Paralegal role and offers scope to progress further in a legal career.

Level 7 Solicitor Apprenticeship

Content & Skills: Professional conduct, professional skills, dispute resolution, business law and practice, legal practice areas inc. Public, Company, Property, Wills & Administration Client service, legal research,  legal writing, legal drafting, case and matter analysis, client interviewing, attendance note writing, advocacy, negotiation

Future trajectory: Completing this apprenticeship will enable you to work as a fully qualified lawyer