Coronavirus/COVID-19 Guiding businesses through the new commercial landscape


As the COVID-19 outbreak continues to spread it is presenting an increasing range of challenges for businesses and individuals alike.

We have never seen such an intense period of regulatory and social change and that, coupled with the lockdown and other restrictions in place, creates a unique trading situation and novel and far reaching challenges.

As lockdown and restrictions are lifted, businesses will face the novel challenge of returning to work safely, and restarting or reviewing their commercial relationships. It is crucially important that businesses consider and adapt existing ways of working and make the necessary changes to ensure their employees, customers and operations are protected. This will include putting in place a robust and documented safety system for your business, managing customer and employee expectations, and ensuring your commercial agreements protect you from COVID-19 risk.

To provide support to businesses and individuals, we’ve pulled together a cross-disciplinary team of lawyers to provide dedicated support in response to COVID-19 related enquiries, see the boxes below to find out more.

We will be posting regular updates on issues that may affect our clients’ businesses below and our experts are on hand to provide any support and advice you may need. Click to view all COVID-19 related articles  

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