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There are huge numbers of light aircraft being flown in countries on a variety of sorties, including private flights, tourist sightseeing pleasure flights and commercial transport operations. This, in turn, means that accidents involving light aircraft do occur on a regular basis, when looked at from a worldwide perspective.

Although a well maintained aircraft flown by a competent pilot is safe, there can be large variations in safety depending on a number of factors. For instance, pilots with a basic Private Pilots Licence are much more limited in how they can operate an aircraft and the weather that they can fly in when compared with a professional full time pilot who has an Air Transport Pilots Licence (or equivalent). The quality of light aircraft operations can vary from country to country and as light aircraft are predominantly single engine there is no redundancy if there is an engine failure.

The Ashfords Aviation Team has class leading professional aviation and legal expertise in light aircraft accidents in the UK, EU and around the world. With the team's experience in flying high performance single engine piston, turbo-prop and fast jet military aircraft the victims and families involved in these accidents are provided with a unique analysis of the accident and the legal options available. This is particularly important as light aircraft are not required to be fitted with Flight Data Recorder ("FDR") or Cockpit Voice Recorder ("CVR") "black box" equipment. This combined with the fact that accidents such as safari flights occur in poorer countries that have limited air accident investigation expertise means that the accident report may be inconclusive or of very limited value.

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