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The Ashfords Aviation Team has extensive experience in representing the victims and families involved in small commercial passenger aircraft accidents.

The technical and legal complexity arising from these accidents can be extremely challenging. In addition, as passengers on business jets and some on small commuter flights are often wealthy and / or have complicated high value/ entrepreneurial careers, valuing the true extent of all losses that are caused by an accident can be extremely complicated. 

There are many aircraft types that are used for this type of passenger carriage around the world and the quality of the aircraft and the operators can vary. The accidents can include crashes of business / executive aircraft carrying wealthy individuals, crashes of small commuter aircraft carrying fare-paying passengers and small commuter aircraft chartered by agents and sold as a pleasure / foreign domestic flight as part of a package holiday.

Unlike airliners that are required to be fitted with Flight Data Recorder ("FDR") and Cockpit Voice Recorder ("CVR") "black box" equipment, these smaller passenger aircraft do not always have this black-box equipment, meaning that there is far less, or sometimes no real-time data to assist the accident investigators in determining what caused the accident.

This combined with the air accident investigation resources of the country responsible for the investigation, means that it may take several years for the accident report to be published and the answers within the report may be inconclusive or of limited value. For the families and victims, this can make the process of finding answers and pursuing a legal case very difficult. The Ashfords Aviation Team uses its in-house professional pilot expertise in flying piston, small jet and twin turboprop aircraft to analyse the available facts of the accident and identify credible theories as to the most likely causes to help the families and victims understand what went wrong.

Ashfords’ expertise in aviation law and quantifying high value/ complex claims enables the team to choose the best legal jurisdiction/ cause of action to maximise the recovery for the losses caused by the accident.

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