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At Ashfords we know that failing to keep a record of all your online accounts and assets can lead to complications for your family members and executors following your death. 

In order to make a difficult situation easier, we have developed a new product, Digital Legacy.  

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Digital Legacy provides a space for you to upload documents, which can include the latest copy of your will, codicil, funeral requests or personal wishes. Your personal messages to family and friends, either video or written, can also be uploaded onto the platform.

Digital Legacy enables you to keep track of any accounts held in your name ensuring there is a global picture of your finances. This can include pensions, mortgages, debt and life insurance, social media, bank/building society accounts, memberships, subscriptions and online shopping accounts.

By having a platform that is easy to manage your accounts, it will allow your executors to be more efficient and will not only help reduce stress but also potentially reduce the cost of administering your estate thereby leaving more wealth to pass onto your beneficiaries.

Digital Legacy is a secure online platform with non-editable access rights, this ensures that it cannot be accessed by others until your death or without prior consent from you for a third Party access.

The Digital Legacy platform is coming soon.

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