Mark Hanlon

Legal Director


Mark is a Legal Director in the Construction & Infrastructure Team. He has worked in the Projects fields since 1998 and has advised on the closing of a large number of PFI/PPP projects, as well as bidding and operational issues on such projects.

Early in his career, Mark advised a large number of FM contractors and banks on the early PFI/ PPP deals. Mark's focus switched to advising shareholders on the shareholder and finance documents on PFI/PPP deals. He also advised shareholders on operational issues in PFI/PPP deals, and advised consortia on a number bids for PFI/PPP Projects, advising on construction contracts and joint venture agreements.

In November 2000, he joined Balfour Beatty Investments in the role of Company Solicitor, and in 2007 was promoted to Associate Director, Legal. In that time Mark advised on the closing of over 25 PFI/PPP deals on the shareholder and finance documents, including the two largest deals in this market, Metronet and the M25 upgrade project. His current role is wide-ranging in advising shareholders on projects deals, as well as being a commercial lawyer and working on corporate finance and banking deals. 

Mark has also worked as Compliance Officer in a large construction company, and undertook a nationwide lecture tour within that organisation on the importance of ethics and compliance within that business, and in the construction industry generally.

Relevant experience

  • Investor client: Advising an investor client on the restructuring of their projects portfolio as part of a financing deal involving with Middle Eastern and Asian investors.
  • Numerous investor clients: Advising on the corporate documentation on two anaerobic digestion plants in 2016. In 2016 Mark has also advised on the banking documents on a number of refinancings in the agricultural and property sectors, and has recently acted on two corporate acquisitions in the oil sector reviewing large, complex commercial contracts and advising on warranty protection.
  • Major property group: Advising a major property group on the acquisition of shares in a group of companies specialising in anaerobic digestion plants, and also advised the Project SPV on the shareholders agreement, intercreditor, security and junior lending agreements on a £100m waste project.
  • Balfour Beatty: Leading on the equity closures on a large number of recent PFI/PPP deals, such as a hospital, the Olympic Park redevelopment, large relief road in Scotland and also in the waste to energy sector.
  • Balfour Beatty: Advising Balfour Beatty on the construction and ICT contracts on project deals with Southwark Council for a total of 5 years on their procurement of BSF and other projects, such as leisure centres.