Jo Creamer



  • Professional Practise


Jo is an Associate within the Professional and Financial Risks Team and is a regulatory specialist, having a particular interest working with professional practices facing financial challenges or regulatory concerns.

Jo has extensive experience of working particularly with law firms, their partners and employed solicitors, including providing regulatory advice and support so as to minimise the impact of any potential regulatory action.

Prior to joining Ashfords, Jo previously worked for the Solicitors Regulation Authority for 5 years, including supervising the largest law firms as a Regulatory Manager and supervising significant firm restructures.

Jo was heavily involved in the SRA's Financial Stability Programme, working closely with firms facing financial challenges.

Jo also worked closely within the SRA's dedicated AML Focus and recently completed around 15 top 200 firm visits providing firms with AML guidance and support.

Since joining Ashfords in August 2015, Jo continues to provide law firms with regulatory advice. Jo advises law firms on their regulatory responsibilities, specialising in law firm restructuring, providing regulatory guidance to IPs taking legal sector appointments. Where a process is required, Jo takes formal Joint Solicitor Manager appointments so as to provide regulatory reassurance. Recent appointments include: Gregsons Solicitors; Sovereign Solicitors; and Almond Solicitors.

Relevant experience

  • Working closely with a number of the largest law firms facing financial challenge including financial collapses.
  • Confidentially supervising and supporting a significant number of law firms within the SRA's Intensive Supervision Unit and enabling their transfer back to "mainstream" Supervision.
  • Anti-Money Laundering and Counter Terrorist Financing subject matter expert.