Daisy Peskett



Daisy is a Solicitor in the Trusts and Estates Team.

Daisy advises clients on a variety of matters, including Wills, Lasting Powers of Attorney, the Administration of Estates and Declarations of Trust.

Prior to becoming a Solicitor, Daisy gained three years' experience as a Paralegal in Trusts and Estates and two years as a Trainee Legal Executive and Chartered Legal Executive.

Relevant experience

  • Private client: Dealing with the preparation of Lasting Powers of Attorney for both Property and Financial Affairs and Health and Welfare as well as the registration of existing Enduring Powers of Attorney where individuals no longer have capacity to manage their financial affairs. 
  • Private client: Managing the financial affairs clients who have lost capacity and where Partners of the firm have been appointed as their Attorneys or their court appointed Deputy. 
  • Private client: Assisting with the drafting of Wills, Codicils and Letters of Wishes to reflect the testamentary wishes of clients, ranging from donation of the body to medical science, specific cash legacies to family members and charities and the drafting of life interest trusts. 
  • Private client: Assisting with the administration of an estate of a client who passed away with no known Will or family. As a result, Daisy had to take on the Administrators "physical" duties, which involved registering the death, arranging the funeral, gathering the client's personal papers and collecting their belongings as well as dealing with antique valuers, house clearance specialists, estate agents and all other relevant third parties. In addition, Daisy worked closely with Title Research to compile a family tree in order to ascertain who was entitled to benefit from the estate under the rules of intestacy as well as Certainty to ensure that the deceased did not make a Will in their lifetime.