The Road to Recovery

Last week we received the shocking news that four people were seriously injured following a crash on "The Smiler" at the amusement park Alton Towers.

Accidents of this nature are not common and Alton Towers re-opened to large crowds within a few days. For some of those involved, however, the accident and its aftermath will have a life changing impact. The victims of the crash face a long path to recovery. Indeed, it was revealed yesterday that one of the victims has had her leg amputated above the knee.

It is of the utmost importance that these accident victims receive all of the treatment and support they need to facilitate their recovery, whether this involves physical treatments or psychological counselling.

In cases where compensation is claimed for injury, both victim and compensator are encouraged to jointly participate in The 'Rehabilitation Code'. The Code enables victims to receive support from an independent Case Manager who identifies what treatment and support is needed and provides recommendations to ensure that rehabilitation is kept "on track". The Compensator can fund the treatment recommended, secure in the knowledge that they are providing the best opportunity for the best possible recovery for the accident victim.

The Code is currently being re-worked and will be re-released at the end of June 2015. This new code will seek to further develop collaboration between parties in cases where there are serious injuries and where all (or a significant portion) of liability has been agreed.

Overall, these revisions to the Code will add to the underlying objective of the personal injury claims process: "to put the individual back into the same position as he or she would have been in, had the accident not occurred…"

These amendments will bolster the rehabilitation process and help to ensure that victims of  accidents such as that which occurred at Alton Towers are able to be given the most effective treatment and support available. 

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