The Enterprise Act 2016

The Enterprise Act 2016 received Royal Assent on 4 May 2016, 'a bill relating to the promotion of enterprise and economic growth'.

The Enterprise Act has extended the scope of Primary Authority and to date there are 15,333 businesses in the UK signed up to Primary Authority protections.

Primary Authority ("PA") is a government led scheme to provide consistency of regulation and can provide significant benefits for businesses, it is distinguished from previous schemes with a statutory footing. It is a legally recognised partnership between a regulator and your business.

PA ensures fairness and efficiency in the way regulators enforce in areas such as food hygiene, food standards, fair trading, fire safety and health and safety.

The regulator, such as a Local Authority or Fire Authority, becomes the business's PA and provides them with assured, trustworthy advice which other authorities have to recognise during any communication with the business.

The changes to PA will come into force in October 2017. Those of particular interest in relation to Ashfords HSE include;

Supporting Regulators

The first tranche of supporting regulators joining Primary Authority are:

  • The Health and Safety Executive ("HSE")
  • The Food Standards Agency ("FSA")
  • The Gambling Commission ("GMC") 
  • The Competition and Markets Authority ("CMA")

Supporting regulators will be required to act consistently with primary authority advice. This has particular bearing on you if you are regulated by more than one enforcement agency.

Single Businesses

Primary authority assured advice will be available to businesses that operate from just one site; previously a business needed to operate across two or more Local Authority boundaries. This means every business can benefit from less burdensome regulation and reducing their risk profile to the regulator.

Any European or International business affected by UK regulatory law can benefit from Primary Authority advice.

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