Public Sector Update - 18 August 2015


Education Public Sector Update

The DfE and Ofsted have published several pieces of guidance that schools should consider and incorporate into their safeguarding policies (as well as other relevant policies) as soon as practicable.

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Termination Payments: A Taxing Issue

Calculating the tax due on payments arising from the termination of an individual's employment can be difficult, and often causes additional complication and concern at an already challenging time for both employer and employee. The recent government consultation paper 'Simplification of the Tax and National Insurance Treatment of Termination Payments', published on 24 July 2015, seeks to address this issue and proposes the introduction of a simpler system moving forwards.

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PPP Early Termination - balancing the books

On 22 June 2015, HM Treasury ("HMT") published a policy note on early termination of Public Private Partnership ("PPP") contracts to help contracting authorities navigate this potentially hazardous process.

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Social Housing

Homelessness and the Children Act 2004

Local authority housing teams no doubt breathed a sigh of relief at the end of July when the joint decisions of Maryam Mohamoud v Kensington & Chelsea Royal London Borough Council and Bushra Saleem v Wandsworth London Borough Council (2015) were handed down by the Court of Appeal.

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