Public Sector Bulletin - 18 November 2015


Dispute resolution: the importance of Dispute Adjudication Boards

A number of court judgments from a variety of jurisdictions expect parties to exhaust all dispute resolution procedures available to them before using the courts, and then only "when all else fails".

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Personal Injury 

Woodland: The case continues… 

The legal liabilities arising from the near-drowning of 10 year old Annie Woodland continues to occupy the Courts at the highest level.

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Should councils consider greater use of temporary stop notices? 

It is important to recognise that where there is an alleged breach of planning control local planning authorities are responsible, in the public interest, for deciding what (if any) enforcement action should be taken.

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Project Public Sector Summary - November 2015 

On 26 August 2015, the Crown Commercial Service issued the guidance on "Public/Public" contracts ("Guidance") set out in Regulation 12 of the Public Contracts Regulations 2015 ("PCR 2015").

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Projects - State Aid 

State Aid Reminder: Property Transactions and State Aid Compliance 

Many public bodies find themselves involved in the sale or leasing of land and buildings in their ownership - whether this is part of site arrangements for regeneration projects and development projects or simply to generate a capital receipt or income from an under-used asset in times of shrinking public budgets.

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